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Created to honor the memory of Tanya Fishburn’s mom, and philanthropist, Anna Fishburn, and Erica Brookhart’s best friend, lifelong professional dancer & choreographer, Trycia Carlberg, The Fishburn-Carlberg Scholarship Program creates pathways to success for aspiring dancers of any age or level of ability. 

Our Scholarships

Our need-based scholarships will be offered to students of all ages, who will benefit from the cognitive, social, physical, and artistic growth facilitated by weekly dance classes, but lack the financial resources to do so. Applicants must provide a statement of need and proof of income to qualify.

  • First Steps Scholarship: Full year, one weekly class, preschool age.

  • Next Steps Scholarship: Full year, two weekly classes, elementary age.

  • Rise Scholarship: Full year, four weekly classes, SFK Performance Team scholarship.

  • DREAM Scholarship: Ten year, unlimited weekly classes, SFK Performance Team scholarship.


*This Dream Scholarship will be offered to one of our Next Step or Rise Scholarships recipients, upon assessment of talent, determination, commitment, and attitude. 



80% attendance at the class. If more than two classes are missed (without good excused cause) it will mean that the student becomes ineligible for a scholarship in the future. 8 hours of volunteer help contributed for each scholarship granted. Model student behavior - students on scholarship should act as leaders in their class. It is an honor to have a scholarship.

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