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“Resiliency — to bounce back after a disturbing event — is not something we are born with; it must be learned, and sometimes that takes many years. There is no vehicle more joyful and playful for providing such training than early childhood music and movement.”
– Dee Joy Coulter, Ed.D., Neuroscience Educator

We believe dance is an outlet, an alternative, an opportunity, and a gift that should be accessible to everyone. In our 20 years of teaching little ones, we have seen first-hand, and experienced the impact of, what dance can have on an individual’s life. We have also seen the profound personal, emotional, and spiritual growth, that can occur in participants of a dance community. 

Our goal is to provide need-based scholarships to underserved youth of all ages, who will benefit from the cognitive, social, physical, and artistic growth facilitated by weekly dance classes, but lack the financial resources to do so. 

Everyone deserves the Chance to Dance.


MISSION: To teach, mentor, and empower, underserved youth, through dance education.

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